New Workout Plan a la Alec

Howdy, ladies!  Long time no blog again.  How is this cold weather treating your training? Meh, mine too.  If you’ve read my past blog posts then you know I have struggled with work, relaxing after work, taking care of Lily and working out/running.  I don’t know how single mothers do it with real kids!  I feel like there is barely time to chillax with my pup!  The end of Daylight Savings is not helping either, might I add.  I get home and it is already dark out leaving no time to walk Lily and/or run by myself.  (I live by scary, child-snatching woods and am scared of the dark!) It depresses me.  Thankfully, I have found my solution!

I have made it a personal goal to take better care of myself and Lily.  To do this, I have created a realistic workout calendar for the rest of 2011.  Basically, I do ABA workouts (arms, butt, abs) on Monday and Wednesday nights (while watching some of my shows, of course!) and do my Jeff Galloway Beginners training on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  My Tuesday and Thursday workouts have been scheduled for…the morning!  I die, but that’s right, ladies!  I have been getting up at 6-6:30am to run!  This is sooo not me. I crave my sleep and comfy bed, but surprisingly it’s working great so far (for four days so far – and it takes two weeks to make a habit, right? :o).  It means I have to go to bed around 10pm everyday, but I am usually tired by then anyway.  Plus, we have DVR so I catch up on missed shows on the weekends.  This also helps with my ability to play with and walk Lily better!  My workouts do not have to compete with Lily Time anymore.  Plus if I can walk her at 6pm – even though it’s still dark and super creepy – there are other people walking their dogs then too. 

I didn’t schedule workouts for Friday and Saturday because I didn’t want to feel bad about myself if they don’t get completed.  BUT, I’ll feel better about myself if I CAN squeeze a workout in on those days!  They are also good “make-up” days if I miss a workout.  Plus, 5 out of 7 days of working out isn’t bad anyway.  (I’ll do a post with details about my ABA workouts soon.)  Even better – I have the ability to add an ABA workout to my running days at night if I wish.  Two-a-days for me?! Could be a possibility.

I suggest you make a workout calendar too!  Don’t find one already made online.  Personalize it!  You know your abilities and your life schedule.  If you can only fit in 20 minutes of working out, then schedule it!  It’s better than nothing, right? I haven’t completely filled in my December schedule yet because I do not know my schedule yet around the holidays.  I also suggest buying cute stickers or a bright-colored pen to mark off your successful days.  I do smiley faces because they make me happy  :o)

This plan along with good eating habits (I can’t diet or give up my desserts, so I am going with portion control and better food choices.) should have me looking like this soon, no?  …darn my sugar binge at the midnight showing of Twilight last night!

Finally, I would just like to end on three notes:

First, I must remind Donna that we hung out twice last week when I invited her to the Twilight Breaking Dawn Cast Meet & Greet and my party at Fado Irish Pub for winning 3rd in the Halloween costume contest.  Read those posts here and here!  She will also be graced with my presence this weekend as well when we have our blog princess photo shoot!  I’m excited for all the weekend festivities!  Blog posts to follow soon on my personal blog, Adventures with Alexandra and photos up here ASAP!

Second, if you don’t know about my Operation: Princess Pen Pal then read this because I got my first letter from the Queen of England!  It isn’t running related, but it is definitely princess related.

Third, this blog post on the craziness that the Victoria Secret Angels have to go through to prepare for their fashion show will definitely make you feel better about yourself.  It made me happy that they don’t just roll out of bed looking like the above photo.  We’re all human…err, angels. 

Stay fit & fabulous,



Week 7 Intermediate Princess Training

Hi ladies! Long time no blog!

As you all know, life can get pretty hectic. Throw a few injuries into the mix and your training can really take a hit. Last blog, I talked about my Savannah 13.1 experience. Great race, but a little unprepared. I finished in the upright position, but I left Savannah with a foot that is still plaguing me. I also played soccer that Tuesday and took a hit to the knee that did a bit of damage, so I took week 6 off and decided to get some recovery in.

I have soccer on Tuesday nights, and I struggle to get my runs in on Tuesday so this week I decided to try out my run on Monday! What a great idea! I don’t feel stressed about getting my run in today and I’ve already gotten one in for the week! Boy, do I feel good!

The training for this week is 45 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday and 9 miles on Saturday.

It was raining so I hit the gym and the treadmill for my run. I was trucking along quite nicely at 5.7 pace when my foot started to talk to me around mile 1.5. I decided to push through until mile 2, but called it quits and went and did some cross training instead. Abs, squats and upper body weights.

I am going to work back up to the 45 minutes, but really listen to my foot while I’m running. Small injuries can turn into life long problems if you don’t pay attention to them and take care of them in the beginning.

I’m giving my foot until Saturday to stop hurting, after Saturday I will have to go see a doctor. If the pain isn’t constant and isn’t crippling, I use the 2 week rule. “If it still hurts after 2 weeks, see a doctor” BUT this rule is only for MINOR injuries. If something pops, swells, bruises, changes color, hurts to touch, hurts to put pressure on, or just always hurts SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION! I’ll try to do a blog on common running injuries and how to prevent and take care of them.

See you guys back here on Thursday after my 2nd run this week! I may not get 9 in this weekend because of my foot, but I plan to run as far as I can!

Also, I plan on doing some DIY costume video blogs with Alec once we can find the time to meet up! I’ve only seen her once in the past 4 weeks!

Blood, Sweat & Glitter,


Rock ‘N’ Roll Savannah 13.1

This weekend I ran the inaugural RNR Savannah half marathon! As you know, I’ve been struggling with my training over the past few weeks and took an entire 2 weeks off before the race!!! Do I suggest doing this, absolutely not, but I ran it and finished in 2hrs 30min. All I know is I didn’t get picked up by the swag wag and finished in front of thousands…that feels great!

Waiting on the tug boat to take us across the river to the start line! So Savannah!

I always run with my iPhone as my iPod, so I tried running with Map My Run so I would know about how long it was taking me and I could try to keep a good pace. This was actually really helpful, but it made me realize that I really need to work on being consistent in my pace. My average pace was 11:15min/mi and I took two bathroom breaks at mile 3 and mile 5.

Pre race photo at the start line! Please excuse the outfit, it was unexpectantly cold, I threw on all the layers I had!

The first 9 miles were great, the last 4.1 were hard, REALLY hard. I got a little bored, my ankle started hurting pretty bad and I began getting chest cramps from the cold air. I walked about 1-2 minutes over the entire race, and it was so I could stretch out my chest. At the end, I was really proud of myself. You’ll realize after your first race, it doesn’t matter how much the race stinks, you always feel great that you finished!

In the start corral! My headphones were in and I was getting pumped for the race!

My outfit was great! No chaffing, no rubbing, no movement. I hadn’t planned on wearing a jacket, but it was so windy and cold that I had to alter my plans and wear my MPG Sport lightweight windbreaker. I ended up taking it off and tying it around my waist, which was kind of annoying. I was hoping to see a spectator I knew to take it off my hands, but it was light enough that it wasn’t a big deal.

All in all, I think I would run this race again, it was a fairly flat and easy course. Next year, I’m training harder. Next up, Disney Tinkerbell! I’d like to run that one in 2:30 including all the character pics, which will really be a 2:15 pace.

80 DAYS! Holy Moses!

Blood, Sweat & Glitter,

Cross Training: Why It’s SO Important!

Thanks to everyone for your posts on how to snap out of a funk! I am FINALLY feeling like myself again and am ready to jump back into training after a week off. I have the Savannah Rock and Roll 13.1 this weekend, so I am glad I’m back to felling good!

If you haven’t ventured to our About Me pages, you probably don’t know that I studied Exercise Science and graduated college with a Biology degree. While Alec knows all things Disney related and is such a travel guru, I bring you helpful training tips and other dorky things!

Question #1: What is Cross Training?

Cross Training (XT) is using different types of exercises that work with your current training to help you get to your goal. Depending on what you are training for, XT can be a lot of different things; swimming, cycling, kickboxing, dancing, yoga, pilates, etc.

Question #2: Is all XT created equal?

Yes and No. When training for a half marathon, you need to be careful what kind of XT you do. We are putting a lot of pressure and impact on our joints for running, so we don’t want to constantly kill them. We want to strengthen our bodies in different ways.

Question #3: What kind of XT should I be doing or staying away from?

With logging a lot of miles, you are going to find your legs are getting fatigued. The best way to release the tension and fatigue is to practice yoga. I know we are all on a budget, but if you look up FREE YOGA on, you can find local classes and groups of people practicing yoga for ABOLUTELY FREE! Live in Atlanta? Try Atlanta Activewear‘s free classes on Saturday mornings, 9-10am.

Weight Training is something we should all be doing, and I will preface this with WOMEN DO NOT BULK UP FROM WEIGHT TRAINING! 🙂 This is a fitness myth, if a woman bulks up, she is on a specific diet to do so. Strengthening your legs via squats and lunges are a great way to build muscle and make your legs stronger. You also want to work out your arms, the rule with running is “The faster your arms move, the faster your legs move”. Try moving your arms faster when you walk down the hall, $20 says your legs pick up the pace, too! Strong arms will help your running, oddly enough.

Pilates or core work is a must. As your body gets tired from running, you begin to slump over. When you slump, your lungs get compacted which means you can’t get as much air, leading to you getting more tired. Having a strong set of abs, and, MORE IMPORTANTLY a strong back will help with your fatigue during the race and keep you upright longer.

Swimming is a wonderful exercise for runners. It strengthens all muscles in the body while keeping the pressure off your joints and strengthening your breathing. I would suggest joining a gym for winter running when it is raining, icing or snowing, but if you can find a good one, like LA Fitness or Gold’s Gym for $20 a month that has a pool, do it!

If you find your knees are starting to hurt while you are running, head to a pool and run laps. Run laps? Yes! Don’t swim, run! You will still be getting the cardio you are looking for, but the water will help you take pressure off your joints. The resistance from the water will also help you build leg strength, which will inevitably help your knees to take the pressure of running!

Cycling or Spin Class should be a rare workout. Spin and cycling put pressure on your hips and knees. This is not good when you are running distances. Every once in a while is fine, but let’s not tear our poor little knees to pieces!

Other fun ways to workout and get stronger? Kickboxing, TRX training, dance classes, Crossfit…anything that won’t put a ton of pressure on your joints.

If you are on a budget but want to find fun ways to get in shape for cheap or free, check out! Search for run groups, bootcamps, kickboxing classes, whatever you’re interested in! Meetup has everything! Also, check out YouTube fitness superstars Karena & Katrina with Tone It Up and Cassey from Blogilates! They have great workouts on YouTube and their sites that you can do at home or print out and bring the the gym!

Question #4: Why is XT SOOO important?

Most of us are not trained runners or athletes. Our bodies are not used to this running thing. Cross training helps our body to cope with the stresses of running in different ways. It also helps strengthen the muscles around your joints which keeps them from getting hurt.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get in shape anymore, there are TONS of bloggers and fitness gurus posting great workouts. Hope you guys get some cross training in, it really does help your running!

Blood, Sweat & Glitter,


HELP! I need somebody! HELP! Not just anybody!

Ladies, I need your help. I can’t get out of this funk and I have the Rock and Roll Savannah 13.1 next weekend, yes, I am running a half marathon next weekend.

I’ve been getting in every one of my training runs, but this week I got knocked out with a monster cold. One of those colds that doesn’t let you eat, sleep or run. I’ve been at the office until 7:00pm most nights this week and yesterday, my attempt to run got me about 1/2 a mile before my stuffy nose said “HA! Absolutely not.”

So tell me, what do you do to get out of your funk?

Normally, I go buy new running shoes, but my new puppy has zapped all my extra funds this month. Maybe I just need to suck it up and get out there, after all I did manage to get out of bed at 6:45am this morning. If that isn’t progress, I don’t know what is. Can a princess get some ideas, here? Comment please!

Blood, Sweat & Glitter,


Doing the Tinkerbell Half on a Budget

I am one of the most frugal people you will ever meet.  I once spent $100 on five dresses and had buyer’s remorse after.  No joke. My mom had to reassure me that others spend twice that much on just one dress.  It made me feel better.  Unfortunately, one of my favorite places on Earth, Walt Disney World, is one of the most expensive places on Earth as well.  No worries, Disney is good to its fans and makes sure you can do Disney on a budget if desired.  This post is geared to those traveling for the Tinkerbell Half in January, but it also has a lot of great tips for those doing the Disney Princess in February in Florida as well. Thankfully, January and February are considered part of “Value Season” at Disney so things should be discounted already!


Flights can be the most expensive part of a trip, but if you book right you can end up saving lots of mullah for Mickey ears later!  Here are some helpful tips I’ve picked up while searching the Internet for cheap flights for the holidays.

–         Start by looking at places like Orbitz and Expedia.  These sites will let you know about how much the average flights cost.  I have also signed up for their emails.  This is beneficial because Expedia, for example, sends me emails every Wednesday about 24-hour sales available.  They also have great last minute flight deals too.

–         Try to avoid flying on weekends if possible.  If you can take off work and fly during a weekday, flights should be cheaper.

–         I’ve also heard airlines drop their prices on Tuesdays, so Tuesdays are the best days to buy…but take some time to shop around.

–         Sites like Expedia and Orbitz add-on a lot of extra fees, so check airline websites directly if you find a cheap flight.  Also, some affordable airlines like Southwest don’t work with those travel sites, so you will be missing out on flight options from whole airline companies.

–         Search online for coupon codes.

–         It seems obvious, but I’ll mention it anyway – use frequent flyer miles if you have them.

–         See how much luggage fees are before you book.  You might find a cheap flight, but the luggage fees for that particular airline could be outrageous. Trust me, they add up!

–         LAX has cheaper flights than flying into the OC/John Wayne, but LAX doesn’t have transportation to Anaheim except for taxis.  Plus, it is a 45 minute drive WITHOUT traffic.  Have you been to LA?! I went in May and there was traffic going BOTH directions at 1pm.  Cray, cray!


I did a blog post on all of the different hotel options earlier this week.  The cheapest options would be either to stay with a friend or relative or stay far away from the parks.  If you do this, you will have some added stress come race morning with trying to get to the race.  I suggest booking a room with one of Disney’s Good Neighbor Hotels.  They can be as cheap as $91 a night.  They might not be as Disney themed as the main three Disney hotels, but how much time will you really spend in your room anyway?  You will be out on the town meeting other running fairies, right?!    


The parks can take your money as well with all of the foods, stuffed animals, photo ops, etc.  Here are some tips I have come to realize really work when trying to save a buck at Disney:

–         You will get hungry and thirsty especially after seeing small children running around with popcorn and cotton candy.  Trust me, spending your vacay money on food leaves you with no special memories except a tummy ache.  I suggest you bring in all of your own drinks (or empty bottles) and snacks.  You will save a bundle and can use the money on something more memorable. 

–         Consider purchasing Park Hopper passes or vacation packages that include park tickets with your hotel room.

–         I once heard this great souvenir idea on the radio – go to a Disney store and stock up on cute items your kid, spouse, etc might love.  The Disney stores at the mall usually have lots of discounts and sales such as “Buy 3 for 20”, “30% off”, etc.  Then take them on vacation with you.  Each day while you’re out, put one of the gifts out in the room/on the bed.  Then, when your child asks to buy a stuffed animal or candy at the parks, you can tell them that Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, etc might have left them a present back at the hotel.  Trust me; they will be more excited about the surprise than lugging around a big Mickey at the park all day.  I’m 24 and I would still be excited for presents from Mickey!

–         Disney Character Warehouse, three miles from Disneyland, also has great deals on souvenirs. 

–         If you want to see more than just Disneyland, I suggest getting a CityPass.  You get a 3-day Park Hopper pass to Disneyland and California Adventure, a one day ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood, a one day ticket to SeaWorld San Diego, and a one day ticket to either the San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park! 

–         Coffee drinkers, be sure to keep your receipts because you can get free refills.

–         Be on the lookout for broken balloons on the ground, if you find one you can take it to a balloon vendor and get a free replacement.  Now we all will be hunting down poor children’s popped balloons!

This list could go on and on.  Honestly, the Internet is overflowing with great Disney travel ideas and discounts.  I hope this post was a good start for you.  Although a lot of this information came from my personal experience, I also found MouseSavers and Disneyland Vacation Tips to be the most helpful websites.  Let me know if you found this post helpful and please leave comments of your own budget travel tips!

Stay fit and fabulous,


Photo from here.

Where To Stay When You’re In The CA

I am thankful for Donna’s post yesterday, because I must admit I am in a workout funk!  All I want to do is rest and complete my Halloween costume – not run!  I am trying to figure out some sort of new schedule to get me out of this funk.  I was thinking I might start driving to the gym everyday.  This will force me out of the house!  I also want to plan to either run or do cross training at least five days a week at the gym.  I need to get serious about getting in shape!  But, alas, my new plan cannot start until I finish my surprise Halloween costume. 

I haven’t run in a while, but I did book a hotel room for the Disneyland Tinkerbell half marathon in Anaheim, California!  My mom and I are staying at the Disney Paradise Pier Hotel!  I am really excited because according to the map and event details on the race page, the run starts and finishes right outside of the hotel!  How the hotel wasn’t fully booked already is beyond me?!

There are two other hotel options that will place you in walking distance of the start line.  In fact, if you stay at one of these three hotels, Disney does not provide bus transportation to and from the race because it is that close!  So different compared to the Walt Disney World Princess half marathon! 

The Disneyland Hotel is contemporary and comfortable.  It has multiple pools and water slides (maybe irrelevant in January, but you never know!)  It also has restaurants like the Enchanted Tiki Room and character dining for all three meals (it is also the only hotel to have character meet and greets in the lobby!)  A really cool aspect of staying here is that this hotel has select days called Magic Morning Early Entry days, where guests staying at this hotel are allowed to enter the Disneyland Park before it even opens to the public!  Mickey all to yourself?  Heaven.  For race weekend, a room with 2 adults for three days will be about $1,557 through the Disney website.

If you want a little spa time after completing your 13.1 miles you should check out the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.  It has a relaxing world-class spa as well as great dining options (character dining at breakfast only) and the Magic Morning Early Entry admissions on select days as well.  Guests can also have private sessions at Build-A-Bear or Sephora at the hotel!  Magical indeed!  This hotel also offers bunk beds in some rooms.  Sounds like the perfect place for families to stay – kids will be entertained and moms can rest and relax.  This hotel is the most expensive though at $1,752 for three nights, two adults according to the Disney website.

The final hotel within walking distance is the Paradise Pier Hotel (where yours truly will be staying).  This hotel also has the Magic Morning Early Entry option for park goers as well as a special entrance to the park through the Grand Californian Hotel!  Can we say VIP?  This hotel has a pool like the others, but this pool is on the roof…waterslide still included!  You can also still dine with the characters if you stay here…breakfast only though.  This option is the cheapest of the three hotels at $1,542 for three days, two adults according to the Disney website.

Another option includes staying at one of the many Good Neighbor Hotels.  These include different Marriott, Doubletree, Best Western, etc hotels near Disneyland.  If you stay at one of these hotels, transportation will be provided for you from your hotel to the race and vice versa.  These options are also cheaper for those that want to save money over location.  You can book a room at these hotels from the Disney website as well.

Lastly, you can stay with relatives or at an outside hotel.  Just be prepared to find your own transportation on race day which can be a little hectic and stressful.  I also want to mention that these hotels can be booked online or on the phone.  My mom booked our hotel over the phone through a Disney travel agent and it was significantly cheaper than the prices I listed above from the Disney website.

Stay fit and fabulous,


Information from here and here.  Photo from here.

Week 3: In a Runner’s Funk..

Exhausted is the word I would use to describe how I felt last week, and apologies for not posting sooner. I completed both my 45 minute runs, one on Wednesday and one on Saturday, but am going to run the 6 miler tonight.

A problem that I struggle with during every training season I go through is that my runs are really inconsistent. Week 2 was awesome, I ran 5 miles in under 50 minutes! Week 3, I struggled. I struggled to get out and go run. I struggled to get past mile 2. I just struggled. This roller coaster ride of running really gets to my head. Why can’t I just have good runs the majority of the time? Why was last week SO bad? Why was week 2 SO good? I even went to hot yoga last night and struggled to get through the 90 minute class….and fell asleep at the end. Oops. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME?!!??

I guess I need to figure out what was different. I ate pretty terribly last week, that could be it. I didn’t go out at all during week 2, maybe that’s it. Both weeks I have struggled to find the time to run, but these bad weeks really mess with my motivation. I’m exhausted already today and it’s only 10am. How am I possibly going to run 6 miles tonight? And the mental torture begins!

Thank God for this blog, because without it I just wouldn’t have run at all last week. I’m going to think positive thoughts today, get the burger I am craving for lunch, drink plenty of water and map a 6 mile route that I haven’t run before. I’m going to power through this funk that I’m in and get back on the horse. It may be a rough ride, but it has to get better at some point, right? Here’s hoping!

Are any of you struggling with your training? Tell us what’s up in the comments section!

Blood, Sweat & Glitter,


How To: Avoid Getting Blisters!

Something that almost all beginner runners struggle with during marathon training is blisters. Those nasty little buggers can really set you back! Most people think that blisters come from your running shoes, which is partially true, but turns out most blisters are coming from bad socks!!

To inform you beginner runners or just those who haven’t researched running shoes, you need to find a running specialty store near you and get “fitted” for running shoes. Some people need more support, some people overpronate, some people supinate, it’s just a must do when you’re starting to log a lot of miles. Running shoes should also be worn a 1/2 size larger than your normal size to allow for your feet to swell during longer runs.

With that said, most of you will get blisters because you are wearing bad socks. Socks are the little menaces that move around and rub your heels, toes and sometimes ankles. Running socks can be very expensive, up to $20 a pair, but if you find the right ones and invest in a pair for your 3 runs per week you will save yourself a lot of pain and annoyance from missing runs.

Target is not going to have good running socks. You are going to need to pick these up at a running specialty store. If you tell the sales associates where you get blisters or what your problems are with your feet and they will be able to pick the right brand of socks for you.

You’re probably thinking, “Donna, seriously, they are just socks! You are out of your mind!”, but I can tell you that my mom struggled with blisters throughout her whole training regime last year for the Disney Princess 13.1 and refused to spend $20 on socks. The day before the race I forced her to buy a pair of Thorlo socks at $13 a pair (I don’t suggest buying new race gear the day before the race, but that’s another blog for another day. This was a dire situation.) and on race day, 13.1 miles later, she admitted I was right and showed me her blister free feet!

I wear Brooks socks, the cushy ones that come in a 3 pack, but Thorlo is the #1 sock brand. There are tons of brands with lots of different fits, support systems, thicknesses, etc. It’s all about finding what works for you and finding your local running specialty store.

If you live in Atlanta, try Phidippides, Big Peach, Abbadabbas, West Stride or Fleet Feet. Fleet Feet is a national chain, so there may be one by those of you who live in other states. I wouldn’t suggest going to Dick’s Sporting Goods or The Sports Authority, these are not specialty stores, they are just mass retailers.

Hope you all stay blister free this race season!

Blood, Sweat & Glitter,


Beginner Training: Day 6

I decided to run three miles Monday to make up for my three miles I missed on Saturday.  I had a crazy busy weekend traveling to Tennessee and couldn’t find time to run.  Check out my personal blog for a quick recap on my weekend!  I didn’t even want to run at first.  For some reason I was super exhausted after work.  I told myself I had to run in the house, take care of Lily, and immediately go for a run.  I knew if I sat on the couch and started watching The Lying Game marathon I recorded then I would be done for the night.  When I first stepped out to run, I couldn’t help but notice the perfect fall weather.  The trees are changing colors, leaves were crunching under my feet, and I could smell someone grilling some delicious dinner!  It was the perfect way to start my run. 

I ran a route I had done before because I knew it was at least 3 miles long.  (Check it out on my Map My Run profile and add me as your friend!)  I ended up running 3.06 miles in 32 minutes and 35 seconds.  Not bad, not bad.  I think in the future when I run my specific mile runs, I will run them at the local high school track as suggested by Mr. Jeff Galloway.  But, that won’t work out well when I get into my long runs of 5+ miles.  I would get tres bored running in circles that many times.  Hmm, decisions, decisions.  I have two goals I want to accomplish every time I plan to run.  If I accomplish these goals than I feel that I have succeeded even if my time isn’t considered Superman speed.  I know I will never run like those women we see running back down the highway around mile 8 while we are still on mile 3 of the Princess course…and I’m okay with that.  The goals are:  1.  Actually put on my sneakers and leave the house.  2.  Run the whole distance.

What are some of your personal running goals? 

You know how in movies, characters sometimes have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other?  That’s how I feel when I run because sometimes I tell myself I can stop running when I reach a certain block or street sign.  Other times I tell myself to push through and keep going.  Do you have these shoulder running buddies like I do?  That devil one is so sneaky!  Tomorrow I am completing Day 7 of training.  I hope the angel is more encouraging than the devil on tomorrow’s run :o)  I’ll post about it soon.

stay fit & fabulous,